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201 T.3's were ordered by the RAF (XM346-387, XM401-428, XM451-80, XN117, XN137, XN458-473, XN492-XN512, XN547-59, XN573-607, XN629-43).
The numbers of survivors are healthy, no doubt helped by the type staying in service until 1992.
A number however was scrapped in the 1960's and 70's, and a few have recently expired on fire dumps around the country.

This leaves the following as known survivors at the time of writing (all based in the United Kingdom unless otherwise indicated):-
To view the history and photographs of a particular aircraft click its serial number, and you will be taken to the relevant page if present.
If you can help with regards to photographs and information for any of the aircraft listed, or with particular examples that are not included in the list (there's bound to be some lurking out there!) please get in touch. If you also have any photos of aircraft that do not presently have an individual page, again let me know. You will be credited with any photos used on the site.

Featured aircraft

Serial Model Owner/Location Status Date
XM357 T.3A Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, Hillsboro, OR, USA (N27357) Airworthy 01/02/09
XM369 T.3 Privately owned, Rossendale, Lancs Restoration to taxi 01/01/08
XM405 T.3A University of London, Northampton Square, London (G-TORE) Instructional Airframe 29/10/06
XM424 T.3A Air Atlantique Classic Flight, Coventry (G-BWDS) Airworthy 01/01/10
XM466 T.3A Privately owned, Riverside, CA, USA (N7075U) Airworthy 01/01/10
XM470 T.3A Jet Provost SA (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa (ZU-JPR) Airworthy 01/02/09
XM478 T.3A Privately owned, Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy (G-BXDL/I-PROV) Airworthy 01/01/10
XM479 T.3A Newcastle Jet Provost Co, Newcastle (G-BVEZ) Airworthy 01/10/10
XN462 T.3A Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton Stored 01/02/09
XN589 T.3A Gate Guard, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, N Yorkshire On Display 01/02/09
XN637 T.3 Privately owned, North Weald (G-BKOU) Airworthy 01/02/09


As yet, un-featured aircraft(if you can help please get in touch)

Serial Model Owner/Location Status Date
XM349 T.3A Privately owned, Pennsylvania, USA Stored 01/08/08
XM350 T.3A Aeroventure Museum, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire Museum exhibit 01/01/09
XM351 T.3 RAF Museum collection, Cosford, Shropshire Museum exhibit 01/01/09
XM355 T.3 Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne. Instructional airframe 16/01/09
XM358 T.3A Privately owned, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales Static  
XM362 T.3 Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering, RAF Cosford, Shropshire Instructional Airframe 01/02/08
XM365 T.3A Privately owned, North Weald, Essex (G-BXBH) Stored  
XM370 T.3A Privately owned, Long Marston (G-BVSP) Stored  
XM376 T.3A Privately owned, Humberside Airport, Lincs (G-BWDR) Stored 01/02/08
XM383 T.3A Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire Museum exhibit 19/02/09
XM402 T.3 Privately owned, West Walton Highway, Norfolk On display  
XM404 T.3 Fire Training College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucs Instructional Airframe 01/02/08
XM408 T.3A Lafayette Airport Fire Department, Lafayette, LA, USA Instructional Airframe  
XM409 T.3 Privately owned, Guernsey Airport Cockpit section  
XM410 T.3 Defence Explosives Disposal School, Chattenden, Kent Instructional Airframe  
XM411 T.3 Aeroventure Museum, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire  Cockpit section 01/01/09
XM414 T.3A Ulster Aviation Society, Long Kesh, County Antrim, N. Ireland Static 01/06/08
XM419 T.3A Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne Instructional Airframe 16/01/09
XM425 T.3A Privately owned, Staffordshire Static 01/02/09
XM455 T.3A Privately owned, Salt Lake City, UT, USA (N455XM) Airworthy 01/2010
XM461 T.3A Privately owned, Griffin, GA, USA Stored 01/06/08
XM463 T.3A RAF Museum collection, Hendon, London Fuselage only 01/02/09
XM464 T.3A Privately owned, West Texas Airport, El Paso, USA Stored 01/02/08
XM468 T.3A Privately owned, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk Stored  
XM471 T.3A Sold to the USA, July 1999? (N471XM?) ???  
XM472 T.3A No.1005 Sqn Air Cadets, Radcliffe, G. Manchester Cockpit only  
XM473 T.3A Privately owned, Sproughton, Suffolk Stored 01/01/08
XM474 T.3A No.1940 Sqn Air Cadets, Levenshulme, G. Manchester Cockpit only  
XM480 T.3 Privately owned, Chesterfield Static  
XN137 T.3 Privately owned, Camberley (painted as 'XN493') Cockpit only  
XN458 T.3 Privately owned, Northallerton, North Yorkshire Restoration project 01/01/08
XN459 T.3A Privately owned, North Weald (G-BWOT) Airworthy  
XN461 T.3A> Exported to France, 1997? ???  
XN466 T.3A No.184 ATC, Manchester, Greater Mancester Cockpit only  
XN470 T.3A Dubai Mens College, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Instructional Airframe  
XN492 T.3A 2434 ATC Sqn, RAF Church Fenton, Lancs Cockpit under restoration 01/01/10
XN494 T.3A Gatwick Aviation Museum, West Sussex Under restoration 01/02/09
XN498 T.3A Privately owned, Humberside Airport, Lincs (G-BWSH) Stored 01/02/08
XN499 T.3A Privately owned, Houston, Texas, USA Airworthy  
XN500 T.3A Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk On display 01/02/08
XN501 T.3A Sold to the USA, 1999? ???  
XN502 T.3A Privately owned, Martinsburg, PA (N502GW) Airworthy  
XN503 T.3A Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Wiltshire Cockpit only 01/02/09
XN510 T.3A Privately owned, Nauplion, Greece (G-BXBI) Stored 01/07/09
XN512 T.3 Privately owned, Lommel, Belgium On display 29/10/06
XN549 T.3 Privately owned, Warrington, Lancs Cockpit only 29/10/06
XN551 T.3A Privately owned, Felton, Somerset Stored 01/02/09
XN554 T.3 Gunsmoke Paintball, Hadleigh, Suffolk target 01/01/09
XN573 T.3 Newark Aviation Museum, Winthorpe, Notts Cockpit only 01/02/09
XN577 T.3A Sold to the USA, 1999? ???  
XN579 T.3A Gunsmoke Paintball, Hadleigh, Suffolk target 01/01/09
XN582 T.3A Privately owned, Bruntingthorpe, Leics Stored 01/02/08
XN584 T.3A Privately owned, Bruntingthorpe, Leics Restoration project 01/02/09
XN586 T.3A Brooklands Technical College, Weybridge Instructional Airframe  
XN593 T.3A Privately owned, Colorado USA Under restoration 01/2010
XN597 T.3 RAF Millom Museum, Haverigg, Cumbria Cockpit only  
XN600 T.3A Aviodome, Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands Cockpit only  
XN606 T.3A Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Instructional airframe 01/09/08
XN607 T.3A Highland Aviation Museum, Inverness Airport, Scotland Cockpit only  
XN629 T.3A Privately owned, North Weald (ex-G-BVEG/G-KNOT) Stored  
XN634 T.3A Raven Cockpits, Blackpool, Lancashire Fuselage only  
XN640 T.3A Privately owned, Jupiter, FL, USA (N640XN) Airworthy 01/03/09

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