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The British Aircraft Corporation at Warton, Lancashire, built Jet Provost T.5 XW357.
It entered RAF service in early 1971, joining the Royal Air Force College (RAFC) at Cranwell as aircraft '68'. XW357 remained with the College for its entire RAF career, a very unusual feat for a Jet Provost. For the 1971 season it was regularly used by the RAFC's aerobatics team 'The Poachers' and following on from a code change to '5' in 1972, it was also used extensively for the 1972 and 1973 display seasons.

On 7th February 1974, XW357 was flown back to Warton, for conversion to T.5A specification.
Given the plane set number '5015', it was test flown on 15th August 1974, and once the test schedule had been completed it returned to RAF Cranwell on 27th August. Once back in service it was once again used extensively by the Poachers until they disbanded in September 1976. XW357 continued to fly with the College as '5' until final retirement in 1991.

Ferried to Shawbury for store it was one of six aircraft subsequently acquired by International Air Parts based in Sydney Australia. Shipped by sea to its new home, XW357 was placed in store and subsequently put up for sale.

In early 2004 Joe Demarte acquired XW357. It was dismantled, placed inside a container and moved by rail to Perth, Western Australia, arriving on 30th March. Now housed in a hangar at Jandakot Airport, XW357 will eventually when time permits be restored to fly again under the Australian registration VH-YZD.

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