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XW422 was built in 1970 and served initially with the Royal Air Force College (RAFC) based at Cranwell.
In addition to its normal training duties as aircraft '3', XW422 was used on occasions by the RAFC aerobatics team "The Poachers" throughout the early 1970's. It was converted by BAC in late 1975 to T.5A specification at Warton and after a brief period with 1FTS based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse XW422 moved back onto the strength of the RAFC at Cranwell.
Here it returned to its role as a procedural trainer to help prepare the next batch of student pilots for the frontline Phantom, Jaguar and Lightning Units. In 1989 XW422, along with most of the other RAFC JPs, passed onto the strength of 3FTS, which had just recently moved to Cranwell from Scampton. Two years later, the aircraft was formally retired from RAF training duties and flown to RAF Shawbury for storage, where it remained until being sold in 1995.

Purchased by Everett Aero it was flown to North Weald where Bob Thompson subsequently acquired it. In 1996 Bob teamed up with Tom Moloney, to form the "Transair Jet Provost duo" using XW422 and Tom's Jet Provost T.5P XS230 G-VIVM. Both jets were painted in smart Empire Test Pilots School colour schemes with Transair text on the tailfin, and the team was seen at numerous air-shows throughout the 1996 and 1997 display seasons. Prior to the 1998 display season, Bob and Tom each acquired a Strikemaster and these replaced the two JPs in the team.
As a result XW422 was offered for sale and was acquired by a new owner, who continued to base the jet at North Weald.

In early 2003 aviation enthusiast Shaun Patrick bought XW422. It was flown to its new home at Kemble where it is maintained by Delta Jets. Still resplendent in its ETPS paint scheme, the aircraft has in the past lost its tip tanks, and received new brakes as used on the Strikemaster. It is a regular sight at the annual Kemble airshows on the ground and in the air.

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