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185 T.4's were originally ordered by the RAF from Hunting-Percival (XP547-589, XP614-642, XP661-688, XR643-681, XR697-707, XS175-186, XS209-230), and 183 were delivered, with the last two production aircraft XS230 and XS231 retained by the manufacturers.

Sadly, due to the majority of the type being withdrawn from RAF service before originally forecast, the number of survivors is not high. Most airframes when retired, were stripped for useable spares and then scrapped. Over 90 airframes perished in this manner.

This leaves the following as known survivors at the time of writing (all based in the United Kingdom unless otherwise indicated):-
To view the history and photographs of a particular aircraft click its serial number, and you will be taken to the relevant page if present. 
If you can help with regards to photographs and information for any of the aircraft listed, or with particular examples that are not included in the list (there's got to be one or two at least!), please get in touch. If you also have any photos of aircraft that presently do not have an individual page, again let me know. You will be credited with any photos used on the site.

If you know of any information that is out of date, please inform me and I will make the necessary changes.

Featured aircraft

Serial Owner/Location Status Date
XP556 RAF Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, Lincs Museum exhibit 29/10/06
XP688 Delph Training Centre, Eccelston, Lancashire Instructional airframe 01/01/07
XR673 Century Aviation, Church Fenton, North Yorkshire (G-BXLO) Airworthy 29/10/06
XS181 Privately owned, Bruntingthorpe Cockpit only 01/05/08
XS186 Privately owned, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre, Lincs Under restoration 29/10/06
XS228 Swords Aviation, North Weald, Essex (T.52 G-PROV) Airworthy 29/10/06


As yet, un-featured aircraft (if you can help please get in touch)

Serial Owner/Location Status Date
XP547 Privately owned, Isla Grande Airport, Puerto Rico Airworthy  
XP557 Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum, Dumfries, Scotland  Museum exhibit  
XP558 Privately owned, Ecklington, Derbyshire Cockpit only  
XP563 Exported to South Korea, September 2006 ???  
XP567 Privately owned, Florida, USA (N8272M) Airworthy 01/02/08
XP568 East Midlands Aeropark, East Midlands Airport Static restoration 01/02/09
XP573 Jersey Airport Fire Section, Channel Islands Instructional airframe  
XP585 North East Wales Institute, Wrexham Instructional airframe  
XP627 Privately owned, North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland Museum exhibit  
XP629 Gunsmoke Paintball, Hadleigh, Suffolk target  
XP638 Privately owned, Ystrad Myrach, Mid-Glamorgan, Wales Static  
XP640 Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington Museum exhibit  
XP642 Privately owned, Buckinghamshire Cockpit only  
XP666 Privately owned, Pafos Airport, Cyprus Stored  
XP672 North Notts College Aerospace School, Gamston, Notts Instructional airframe 01/2010
XP677 No.1643 Squadron Air Cadets, East Grinstead Cockpit only  
XP680 Fire Training College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucs Instructional airframe  
XP686 Gunsmoke Paintball, Hadleigh, Suffolk target  
XR643 Sold to Australia, 1995? ???  
XR650 Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Wiltshire Museum exhibit 01/02/08
XR653 Sold to Australia, 1995? ???  
XR654 Privately owned, Chester Cockpit only  
XR658 North East Wales Institute, Connahs Quay Instructional airframe  
XR662 Boulton & Paul Association, Wolverhampton Museum exhibit  
XR679 Privately owned, Canada (G-BWGT/C-FDJP) Airworthy  
XR681 Robertsbridge Aviation Centre, Robertsbridge, E Sussex Cockpit only  
XR700 Privately owned, RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland Cockpit section  
XR701 Privately owned, Cheraw, SC, USA (N204JP) Airworthy 01/10/08
XR704 Sold to the USA as N8272Y??? ???  
XS176 Highland Aviation Museum, Inverness Airport, Scotland Cockpit only  
XS177 Privately owned, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre, Lincs Stored 01/2010
XS178 Privately owned, Texas, USA ???  
XS179 Musueum of Science and Industry, Greater Manchester Stored  
XS209 Solway Aviation Museum, Carlisle Airport, Cumbria Under restoration  
XS210 Sold to Australia, 1995? ???  
XS215 Airmans Command School, RAF Halton, Bucks Instructional airframe  
XS216 Aeroventure Museum, Doncaster, South Yorkshire Cockpit only  
XS217 Privately owned, Germany??? ???  
XS218 No.447 Air Cadets, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon Cockpit only  
XS219 Sold to the USA as N219JP, 1994? ???  

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