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XW354 was built by the British Aircraft Corporation at Warton, and entered RAF service in January 1971. It was initially issued to the Royal Air Force College (RAFC) at Cranwell and initially given the fleet code '65', but this was changed to '7' in early 1972. In addition to its standard training duties, XW354 was used on numerous occasions by the RAFC aerobatics team "The Poachers" until the late summer of 1974.

On 29th August 1974, XW354 was ferried back to Warton for modifications and upgrades, bringing it up to full T.5A specification. It returned to RAF Cranwell in 1974, where it remained based latterly with 3 Flying Training School (3FTS) until 1989 when it was transferred to 1FTS at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. Now coded '70', XW354 performed numerous training flights until final retirement in 1993. It was subsequently ferried to RAF Shawbury for storage.

The aeroplane's stay at Shawbury was brief, as Global Aviation Ltd. exported it to the USA in February 1994 as N300LT. Its early ownership details are unclear at the time of writing, but the aeroplane was based at Walla Walla College Flight Center, Washington, and advertised for sale during 2004. XW354 was snapped up by Matt Cummings, and it was ferried the 2,750 mile journey to its new home in Florida in August 2005. It sports a blue civilianised colour scheme and is currently being brought up to full flying condition.

The aeroplane was later bought by Dave McCulloch, and it was moved to Canada, becoming the only airworthy representative of the type in the Country. During 2008, the aeroplane changed hands again and moved back to Florida in the USA, where it remains today under the ownership of WASP Inc.

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