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The British Aircraft Corporation, at its Warton factory, built Jet Provost XW359. Delivered to the Royal Air Force during the early months of 1971, the aircraft entered service with the Royal Air Force College, based at RAF Cranwell and was used for training.
For this purpose it adopted the fleet code '74'. During the summer of 1971 XW359 was used regularly by the RAFC's Poachers display team, their debut season using the new Mk.5 Jet Provosts. In 1972, the aircraft was recoded '4', and it again participated at numerous air-shows both in 1972 and also 1973, with the Poachers team.

In February 1975 XW359 was ferried back to Warton for upgrade to T.5A specification. Issued the plane set number '5035', the aircraft was test flown on 25th April following completion of the work. Arriving back at Cranwell in early May, XW359 was immediately returned to service, and was even used by the Poachers team in a display at RAF Henlow at the end of the month. It remained in service with the RAFC until at least June 1976.

In 1979 No.7 Flying Training School (7FTS) was re-formed at RAF Church Fenton, and it is possible that XW359 was transferred onto their inventory. In 1980 it was noted wearing the code '128' and it kept this throughout its time spent with the unit. During 1986 it was re-located to RAF Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire, where it became a part of 1FTS. Now aircraft '65', XW359 remained in service with the Unit until final retirement in 1993. A ferry flight to RAF Shawbury quickly followed, and the aircraft was placed in store.

In February 1994, Global Aviation, based at the former RAF Binbrook, acquired XW359 from the MoD. However, within a matter of weeks the aircraft had changed hands once again, and was exported to the USA. Its ownership is unclear but it is believed that XW359 had been with two owners before being bought by its current owner, Tony Schapera. Currently based at Bishop, California, XW359, or N400LT as it is now known, is flown occasionally sporting a smart civilianised colour scheme.

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