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The British Aircraft Corporation built Jet Provost XW362 at Warton, for the Royal Air Force. It joined the RAFC (Royal Air Force College) fleet at RAF Cranwell on 20th April 1971. It was employed on training duties for the next three years, until it was ferried back to Warton for modernisation and upgrades on 4th June 1974.

Now officially designated a Jet Provost Mk.5A, XW362 was test flown 4th October 1974, and was returned to Cranwell 10 days later as aeroplane '17'. It remained based at Cranwell for the rest of its active service, aside from loan spells with 1FTS (Flying Training School) at Linton-on-Ouse (October-November 1982) and the RAF St Athan Station Flight (July-August 1984).
In 1989, most of RAFC JPs were passed onto the strength of 3FTS, which had just recently moved to Cranwell from RAF Scampton. During 1991, the aeroplane was formally retired from RAF training duties and flown to RAF Shawbury for long-term storage.

During 1994 XW362, and several other JPs were sold to International Air Parts located in Sydney, Australia. All were dismantled and shipped to its new home by sea, and was subsequently re-assembled at Bankstown Airport in New South Wales and placed in open store. XW362 was later restored to flying condition and re-finished in a pseudo desert colour scheme with a false serial number '636' applied on the rear fuselage.
Subsequently offered for sale, it was acquired by two businessmen in early 2006 and was ferried from Bankstown, via Bathurst to Hobart, Tasmania in April.

The aeroplane is operated by Top Gun Tasmania based at Hobart Airport, and is employed on jet adventure flights. It is in immaculate shape and has recently gained the Tasmanian State flag on its tail, in addition to modified Tasmania roundels on the wings!

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